The experience of Anne, a diagnosis.
An experimental film project carried out in Poland, 2010-11. Development of a semi-feature film in collaboration with Lava Films and the National Film School in Poland.

"The first night I spent at your place, I was sitting in the window. It was a very windy morning. And I remember just staring into the trees, looking at the wind in the trees. It was so strong. At the same time, I could not hear the wind, I could only see it..."

Anne is a young photographer in her mid-twenties who moves to Poland with her Polish husband and their two-year-old son. The husband's last living relative, his mother, is dying, and we follow the small family as they move into the mother's old flat. Next door lives a very tall man. Anne bumps into him one day, in the courtyard, but does not seem to recollect her encounters. The husband starts to notice that something strange is going on.

The camera serves as a diagnostic tool to examine Anne and her "symptoms."
The project was not finalized due to financial difficulties, but the archive remains as pieces of work in progress.